Silver Bullet Helicopter – Mini RC Helicopter

Silver Bullet is the coolest indoor remote control helicopter – Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter.

Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter
Rechargeable Indoor Remote Control Helicopter

Experience the coolest, indoor remote control helicopter – the Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter.

The Silver Bullet helicopter is the hottest mini RC toy of the year. Because the Silver Bullet is a rechargeable indoor remote control helicopter, flight time can be anytime! It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and the included remote control doubles as a powerful charger (recharging time is only 25 minutes!).

The Silver Bullet Mini Remote Control Helicopter is very easy to fly and control. You don’t need an arena for this rechargeable helicopter like many of the larger RC helicopter models. Although I found that a large living room is ideal, it can be easily controlled in a space as small as a bathroom. If you have the space, the mini RC indoor helicopter can operate up 100’ feet from the remote.

It’s perfect for kids ages 8 to 100+. While incredibly light, the mini RC indoor helicopter is surprisingly powerful. It’s nylon rotor blades are flexible and durable, but the Silver Bullet Helicopter is safe enough to land right into your palm.

Latest Silver Bullet RC Helicopter Video

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Truly Mini RC Helicopter!

The Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter measures about 3 inches long and about 3.5 inches tall. It is truly a mini RC helicopter!
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